Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Copper Chef

copper chef shepherd's pie

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! Before you know it, the streets will be filled with shirts, pants, and other decorations of all shades of green. The traditional songs of Ireland will be played in every pub, festival, and celebration all throughout the country. Whether you’re in the United States or Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is a fun celebration that brings people together in honor of St. Patrick himself. With a nationwide celebration of St. Patrick occurring, it shouldn’t be too hard to find traditional food and beverages to help celebrate the day.

However, if fighting the crowd for corned beef doesn’t seem like your style, our Copper Chef review of easy-to-make traditional St. Patrick’s Day recipes is great for celebrating from the comfort of your home.

One traditional meal that you can make on St. Patrick’s Day is Shephard’s Pie. From the prep to the cooking, this is an easy one pot meal you can make in your Copper Chef that everyone in your family will certainly enjoy. Unlike other meat-based pies that are more popular, the Irish Shephard’s Pie traditionally uses lamb instead of beef; and for a good reason, too. If using leftovers is your favorite thing to do, this dish is for you. The Shephard’s Pie started as a means to reuse leftover lamb, so keep that in the back of your mind for future use.

Another traditional dish to include on St. Patrick’s Day is cabbage. When people think of cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day, them typically associate it with corned beef. However, the history of corned beef and Irish tradition has recently been argued as a more Irish-American tradition than Irish. Yet cabbage has remained a staple side dish in homes from the United States to Ireland and everywhere in between. This cabbage dish is easy and delicious.

No celebration of Irish culture is complete without Irish soda bread. This may sound like you’re dipping your biscuits in cola, but that’s not it at all. Irish soda bread uses baking soda as its leavening agent, making it a healthier alternative to most other breads that use yeast. As the recipe in the Copper chef review will show, it’s easy to make and delicious to eat. Pair it with butter or jam and serve.

With Copper Chef, it’s easy to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at home. With these recipes, you’ll never want to fight for table space at another pub again.



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